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Keith Jarrett – Eyes Of The Heart
Anthony Braxton with Muhal Richard Abrams – Duets 1976
Sam Rivers – Waves
Roland Kirk – Live In Paris, 1970 Vol.2
David Murray Trio – Swee Lovely
Don Cherry – Butterfly Friend
Marilyn Crispell – Rhythms Hung In Undrawn Sky
Harry De Wit & Philipp Wachsmann – For Harm
Vyacheslav Ganelin – Con Amore
Morning Rise (Alan Skidmore / Gerd Dudek / Adelhard Roidinger / Lala Kovacev) – Fortune
Edward Vesala – Nan Madol
Georg Riedel – Jazz Ballet
Jan Wellgren / Bengt Ernryd – Love Chant
Cecil Taylor – Unit Structures
Abdullah Ibrahim & Dollar Brand – The Journey
György Szabados & Anthony Braxton – Szabraxtondos
Revolutionary Ensemble – Vietnam
Sibylle Pomorin Quartett – Winterkönig
Charles Mingus Quartet – Mingus In Europe Volume I
Archie Shepp & Philly Joe Jones – S/T
String Trio Of New York – First String
The Human Arts Ensemble – Live Vol. I
Rick Rozie / Lee Rozie / Rashied Ali – Afro Algonquin
Salamander – In The Darkest Month
Eric Dolphy with Booker Little – Far Cry
Andrew White – Miss Ann
Bennie Wallace - Eddie Gomez - Dannie Richmond – Live At The Public Theater
Sylvain Kassap – L'arlesienne
Steve Lacy – The Forest And The Zoo
Abbey Rader Quartet – European Childbirth
Leo Cuypers – In Amsterdam
Suonofficina – Musik Aus Sardinien
Gunter Hampel Big Band – Generator
Saheb Sarbib Quartet – Season
Greetje Bijma Kwintet – Dark Moves
Steve Lacy – Moon
Billy Harper – Trying To Make Heaven My Home
Curlew – S/T
Vinny Golia – Spirits In Fellowship
Eje Thelin Group – S/T
Lol Coxhill – Cou$cou$
Semantics – Bone Of Contention
Position Alpha – The Great Sound Of Sound
Michel Portal Unit – A Chateauvallon
Steve Lacy – The Gap
Wittek / Kaiser / Manderscheid – Trotzdem
George Adams & Don Pullen – Melodic Excursions
Sun Ra And His Solar-Myth Arkestra – The Solar-myth Approach (vol.2)
Giuseppi Logan – More
Voice – Voice
GrubenKlangOrchester – Bergmannsleben
Louis Hayes - Junior Cook Quintet – Ichi-Ban
Ekkehard Jost Quintet – Carambolage
Andrew Cyrille – What About?
Sogenanntes Linksradikales Blasorchester – Hört, Hört
Karl ein Karl – Gramelot
Archie Shepp – Montreux One
Hannibal And The Sunrise Orchestra – Hannibal
New Jazz Trio – Page One
Louis Sclavis – Ad Augusta Per Angustia
Charles Tyler – Saga Of The Outlaws
Takeo Moriyama – Green River
Beaver Harris 360 Degree Music Experience – Negcaumongus
George Adams - Don Pullen Quartet – Life Line
Don Pullen feat. Sam Rivers – Capricorn Rising
Fred Anderson Quintet – Another Place
Irene Schweizer / Louis Moholo – S/T
Pinguin Moschner – Tuba Love Story
Ulrich Gumpert Solo – 'N Tango für Gitti
Dexter Gordon – The Montmartre Collection Vol.1
Sun Ra And His Orchestra – Pictures Of Infinity
Phil Minton + Roger Turner – Ammo
Binder Quintet Feat. John Tchicai – S/T
Steve Lacy / Ulrich Gumpert – Deadline
Lester Bowie – The 5th Power
Andrea Centazzo – U.S.A.concerts
Steve Lacy / Mal Waldron – Snake-Out
Gunter Hampel New York Orchestra – Fresh Heat - Live At Sweet Basil
Joelle Leandre – Sincerely
Creative Construction Company – S/T
The Eddie Davis - Johnny Griffin Quintet – Tough Tenors Again 'N' Again
Anthony Braxton – Seven Compositions 1978
Claus Van Bebber & Helmut Lemke – Untitled
John Tchicai / Hartmut Geerken – Continent
Maarten Altena Quartet – Miere
Urs Blöchlinger Tettet – Neurotica
Baikida Carroll – Shadows And Reflections
Roswell Rudd / Steve Lacy / Misha Mengelberg / Kent Carter / Han Bennink – Regeneration
Hamiet Bluiett – Resolution
Keshavan Maslak / Han Bennink / Misha Mengelberg – Humanplexity
Luc Houtkamp / Maartje Ten Hoorn / Jan Den Boer – Klimaat
Jon Rose – Vivisection
Shelley Hirsch – Singing
The Ferals – Ruff
Eric Dolphy – Unrealized Tapes
Annick Nozati / Fred Van Hove – Uit
John Lindberg Quintet – Dimension 5
Trio Manus – Trio Manus
Ganelin Trio – New Wine...
Conny Bauer & Gianluigi Trovesi – Secret Points
John Carter Quintet – Night Fire
Johnny Rondo Duo plus Mike Cooper – S/T
Leon Francioli / Beb Guerin / Bernard Lubat / Michel Portal – Chateauvallon 76
United Front – Path With A Heart
Ballet National Bayanihan – Chants Et Danses Des Philippines
Various – Chants Et Danses De Yougoslavie (Dalmatie - Macedoine - Serbie - Slavonie)
Christy Moore – Prosperous
Willem Breuker Kollektief – The European Scene
Burton Greene Quartet – Lady Bug Dance
Archie Shepp – Steam
Hannibal – In Antibes
Rahsaan Roland Kirk & The Vibration Society ? – Rahsaan Rahsaan
Rolf Kühn Group feat. Phil Woods – The Day After
Loek Dikker Waterland Ensemble – Tan Tango
Tie break – s/t
Conrad Bauer – s/t
Cecil Taylor – Nefertiti, The Beautiful One Has Come
Manfred Schulze Bläser Quintett – Choral-Konzert
John Lindberg – The East Side Suite
Commitment – Commitment
Charles Lloyd Quartet – Montreux 82
Andrea Centazzo Mitteleuropa – Live
John Coltrane – The art of John Coltrane
Gianluigi Trovesi Trio – Cinque Piccole Storie
Fanfare Sint Juttemis – s/t
Marilyn Crispell – Live in Berlin
Various – Dutch "difficult" music
Lol Coxhill – The Inimitable
Jon Higgins – Carnatic Music Of India Sung By Jon Higgins Bhagavatar
Mike Westbrook – The Westbrook Blake (Bright As Fire)
Eric Dolphy – Berlin Concerts Volume 1
Ahmed Abdullah – Live at his Alley
Robin Kenyatta – Beggars and Stealers
Joachim Zoepf – Solo Reeds - Elements
Paul Bley Quintet – Barrage
Gunter Hampel & his Galaxie Dream Band – All The Things You Could be If Charles Mingus Was Your Daddy
Masahiko Togashi – Spiritual Nature
Leo Cuypers – Theatre Music
Irene Schweizer / Günter Sommer – s/t
Carl Sandburg – Flat Rock Ballads
Gamelan Gong Sekar Anjar And Gendèr Wajang Quartet Under The Direction Of Dr. Mantle Hood – The Exotic Sounds Of Bali
Various – Songs And Dances Of Spain Volume 2: Majorca and Ibiza
Various – Japan
Detlef Schönenberg – Spielt Schlagzeug
Jan Johanssons Trio – Mäster Johansgatan 12
Various – A Musical Anthology of the Orient 21: India IV - Karnatic Music (South India)
Various – A Musical Anthology of the Orient 20: Turkey II - Classical And Religious Music
Various – A Musical Anthology of the Orient 19: Turkey I - Music Of The Mevlevi
Various – A Musical Anthology of the Orient 18: India III - Dhrupad-S
Various – A Musical Anthology of the Orient 17: Japan VI - No-Play/Biwa And Chanting
Various – A Musical Anthology of the Orient 16: Japan V - Shinto Music
Various – A Musical Anthology of the Orient 14: Japan III - The Music Of The Edo Period
Various – A Musical Anthology of the Orient 11: Tibet III - The Music Of Tibetan Buddhism - The Kagyupa Sect and The Gelugpa Sect
Various – A Musical Anthology of the Orient 10: Tibet II - The Music Of Tibetan Buddhism - The Sakyapa Sect and The Gelugpa Sect
Various – A Musical Anthology of the Orient 9: Tibet I - The Music Of Tibetan Buddhism - The Nyingmapa Sect and The Kagyupa Sect
Various – A Musical Anthology of the Orient 7: India II - Music Of The Dance And Theatre Of South India
Various – A Musical Anthology of the Orient 6: India I - Vedic Recitation And Chant
Various – A Musical Anthology of the Orient 1: Laos
Gunter Hampel And His Galaxie Dream Band – Broadway / Folksong
Herbert Joos, Wolfgang Czelusta, Bernd Konrad – Blow
Codona – Codona 2
Gunter Hampel – Dances (Paris 1969)
Willem Breuker Kollektief – Live In Berlin
Willem Breuker – Doodzonde (Een Film Van René Van Nie)
Mark Charig with Keith Tippett • Ann Winter – Pipedream
Workshop De Lyon – Musique Basalte
Various – Classical Ragas From India
Nasser Rastegar-Nejad – Music Of Iran, Santur Recital
Yma Sumac – Legend Of The Sun Virgin
Sung Tso-Liang Orchestra Of Hong Kong – Chinese Drums And Gongs
Herbie Mann – Brazil Blues
Albert Mangelsdorff – Trombirds
La Marmite Infernale – Moralité-Surprise
The World Saxophone Quartett – Point Of No Return
Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky – Same
Anthony Braxton – 3 Compositions Of New Jazz
David Murray & Low Class Conspiracy – Vol. II: Holy Siege On Intrigue
David Murray Quartet With Lawrence "Butch" Morris – Last Of The Hipman
David Murray Octet – Ming
Zbigniew Namyslowski – Same
Maarten Van Norden / Boy Raaymakers Quartet – Chicken Song
Noctett – Heroes' Trilogy
OM – Rautionaha
Gato Barbieri & Dollar Brand – Confluence
Ornette Coleman – Friends And Neighbors - Ornette Live At Prince Street
Gary Burton Quartet – In Concert
Carla Bley – Social Studies
Herbie Mann – The Evolution Of Mann
Noctett – Contrasts
The Tuba Trio – Essence - The Heat And Warmth Of Free Jazz Vol. 3
The Tuba Trio – Essence - The Heat And Warmth Of Free Jazz Vol. 2
The Jimmy Owens - Kenny Barron Quintet – You Had Better Listen
The Pentagon – Same
Gary Burton – The New Quartet
Jack DeJohnette – Special Edition
Jean Pierre Mas / Cesarius Alvim – Rio-Ria
Herbert Joos Quartet – Kerchak Suite
Gunter Hampel – Enfant Terrible
Rahsaan Roland Kirk & Al Hibbler – A Meeting Of The Times
David Holland / Barre Phillips – Music From Two Basses
Dollar Brand Quartet – Africa - Tears And Laughter
Dollar Brand, Johnny Dyani – Echoes From Africa
Dollar Brand – At Montreux
Ralph Towner – Diary
Willem Breuker & Leo Cuypers – ...Superstars
Pat Metheny – 80/81
Dieter Bihlmaier Selection – Manipulsation
Charly Antolini – Countdown
Frank Tusa, Dave Liebman, Badal Roy, Richard Beirach, Jeff Williams – Father Time
Venuti, Lang & Rollini – Hell's Bells & Hallelujah
Toto Blanke – Electric Circus
South African Broadcasting Corporation – S.A.B.C. Unterhaltungsorchester unter der Leitung von Jos Cleber: Programm 5 / 6
South African Broadcasting Corporation – S.A.B.C. Sinfonie Orchester unter der Leitung von Gideon Fagan: Konzert 1 (2. Teil) / S.A.B.C. Unterhaltungsorchester unter der Leitung von Jos Cleber (Programm 2)
South African Broadcasting Corporation – S.A.B.C. Sinfonie Orchester unter der Leitung von Gideon Fagan: Konzert 1 (1. Teil) / S.A.B.C. Unterhaltungsorchester unter der Leitung von Jos Cleber (Programm 1)
South African Broadcasting Corporation – Programma 3 / 4: Musik im Sonnenschein - Unterhaltungsmusik aus Südafrika
South African Broadcasting Corporation – Programma 1 / 2: Musik im Sonnenschein - Unterhaltungsmusik aus Südafrika
South African Broadcasting Corporation – Weihnachten im Sonnenschein. Ein Programm von Weihnachtsliedern aus Südafrika (Seite 2) / Die Musik von Südafrika. Programm 4: Ein Bantu-Jazz-und Unterhaltungsmusik Programm
South African Broadcasting Corporation – Programm 1: Ein Bantuchor / Programm 2: Bantumusik
South African Broadcasting Corporation – Die Musik von Südafrika. Programm 5: Stammestänze bei den Goldminen / Programm 6: Traditionelle Unterhaltungsmusik der Bantus
Franco Ambrosetti Quintet with Bennie Wallace – Close Encounter
Susumu Arima – Super Touch
Albert Ayler – Reevaluations: The Impulse Years
Chick Corea – Circulus
Chick Corea – Return To Forever
John Abercrombie / Dave Holland / Jack DeJohnette – Gateway
The New Don Ellis Band Featuring Patti Allen – Goes Underground
Albert Nicholas Featuring Miriam Klein – Same
The Jazz Composer's Orchestra – Same
Mal Waldron Quintet – Hard Talk
George Adams – Sound Suggestions
Maarten Altena Quartet – Op Stap
Miles Davis – At Fillmore
Michael Smith Quartet – Austin Stream - Live In Berlin
Interjazz IV – Good Old Circus
The Berlin Jazz Workshop Orchestra – Who Is Who?
Various – Wildflowers 5: The New York Loft Jazz Sessions
Various – Wildflowers 4: The New York Loft Jazz Sessions
Various – Wildflowers 3: The New York Loft Jazz Sessions
Various – Wildflowers 2: The New York Loft Jazz Sessions
Martial Solal – The Solosolal
Humair - Jeanneau - Texier – Akagera
Vaalbleek – Cleansing Department Orchestra
Noodband With Greetje Bijma – Shiver
The Human Arts Ensemble – Live Vol. II
Figyelem Felvétel – Éjszaka A Stúdióban - Session At Night
Herbie Mann – Memphis Underground
Guus Janssen – Tast Toe
Guus Janssen – On The Line
Keith Jarrett – In The Light
Peter Sonntag Sextett – Words Written In Stone
Jack DeJohnette / Pierre Favre / Fredy Studer / Dom Um Romao / David Friedman / George Gruntz – Percussion Profiles
Billy Hart – Enchance
Richard Davis – With Understanding
Günter Christmann – Off
Various – California Concert - The Hollywood Palladium
Marion Brown & Gunter Hampel – Reeds 'N Vibes
Kölner Jazz Haus Big Band – Open Lines
Oliver Lake – Passing Thru
Don Ellis – At Fillmore
Pierre Favre – Mountain Wind
Jan Garbarek / Bobo Stenson / Terje Rypdal / Arild Andersen / Jon Christensen – Sart
Jan Garbarek, Keith Jarrett, Palle Danielsson, Jon Christensen – Belonging
Globe Unity – Improvisations 1-4
Tavil-Nadasvaram-Group – Music From South-India
Herbert Joos – The Philosophy Of The Fluegelhorn
New Jazz Ensemble – Burning Flowers...
Jürgen Wuchner / Hans Koller / Herbert Joos / Bob Degen / Christoph Lauer / Thomas Cremer – Piece For Mouth
Key – Same
Robin Kenyatta – Beggars And Stealers
Francois Jeanneau – Techniques Douces
François Jeanneau – Éphémère
Booker Ervin – Lament For Booker Ervin
Willem van Manen – Untitled
Cecil Taylor – What's New
The Chris Hinze Combination – Mission Suite
The Don Ellis Orchestra – Electric Bath
Jeremy Steig – Wayfaring Stranger
Jeremy Steig – This Is
Mike Westbrook – Mama Chicago
The Troll Keys – Norwegian Singsongs
The New Lost City Ramblers – Volume 5
Various – La Verdad Del Cante (Antología Del Cante Flamenco)
Alan Mills – Canada's Story in Song
No Artist – The Birds World Of Song
Dauner / Mangelsdorff – Two Is Company...
Kölner Saxophon Mafia – Live
Milt Jackson – Olinga
Changes – Some More Changes
McCoy Tyner – Supertrios
Chick Corea – Circling In
Sarah Gorby – Les Chants Du Ghetto
Los Humahuaquenos – Conjunto Folklorico Argentino
J.C. Chabrier – L'islam - Danses Du Ventre
Various – Chants Et Danses De Georgie
Various – Chants Et Danses De Chine
Various – Muggsy, Tesch And The Chicagoans
Hillel And Aviva – Songs Of Israel
Michal Urbaniak Group – Paratyphus B
Takehiro Honda – Another Departure
Jasper Van't Hof's Pork Pie feat. Charly Mariano – Transitory
Muhal Richard Abrams – 1-OQA+19
Various – Guitar Solos 3
Sharrock / Brötzmann – Fragments
Peter Brötzmann & Caspar Brötzmann – Last Home
Various Artists – Stockholms Elektronmusikfestival 1982
Andrew Cyrille / Jeanne Lee / Jimmy Lyons – Nuba
Ethnic Heritage Ensemble – Ancestral Song - Live From Stockholm
Workshop De Lyon – Anniversaire
Keith & Julie Tippett – Couple In Spirit
Daniel Humair – Triple Hip Trip
Lajos Dudas / Tommy Vig – Mistral - Live At The Jazzfestival Münster
Jack DeJohnette's Special Edition – Tin Can Alley
Makaya Ntshoko / Heinz Sauer / Bob Degen / Isla Eckinger – Makaya & The Tsotsis
Francois Mechali – Le Grenadier Voltigeur
Manfred Schoof Quintet – Scales
Albert Mangelsdorff Quartet – Live in Tokyo
Jack DeJohnette – New Directions
Vladimir Chekasin Quartet – Anti-Show
Terumasa Hino – Taro's Mood
Irene Schweizer – Live At Taktlos
Karl Berger / Woodstock Workshop Orchestra – Live At The Donaueschingen Music Festival
Lol Coxhill / Andrea Centazzo / Giancarlo Schiaffini – Moot
Graham Collier Music – Symphony Of Scorpions
Michel Pilz / Buschi Niebergall / Uwe Schmitt – Celeste
Albert Mangelsdorff / Masahiko Sato / Peter Warren / Allen Blairman – Spontaneous
European Jazz Quintett – Live At Moers Festival
Steve Lacy Quintet feat. Charles Tyler – One Fell Swoop
Anthony Braxton & Robert Schumann String Quartet – S/T
Attila Zoller - Masahiko Sato – A Path Through Haze
Various Artists – Vario
Jimmy Lyons Quintet – Wee Sneezawee
Rova Saxophone Quartet – The Removal Of Secrecy
Dudu Pukwana – In The Townships
Jan Garbarek / Arild Andersen / Edward Vesala – Triptykon
Oliver Lake Quartet – Clevont Fitzhubert (A Good Friend Of Mine)
Irene Schweizer / Maggie Nichols / George Lewis / Joelle Leandre / Günter Sommer – The Storming Of The Winter Castle
Steve Lacy Sextet – The Condor
Cecil Taylor Segments II (Orchestra of two Continents) – Winged Serpent (Sliding Quadrants)
Gunter Hampel Big Band – Cavana
Hamiet Bluiett Quartet – We Have Come To Save You From Yourselves
Barry Altschul Trio feat. Ray Anderson and Mark Helias – Somewhere Else
The Rova Saxophone Quartet with Andrea Centazzo – The Bay
Schiaffini / Iannaccone / Colombo – Altri Pezzi
Frank Wright Quintet – Your Prayer
Beaver Harris 360 Degree Music Experience – From Rag Time To No Time
Joelle Léandre / Yves Robert / Irene Schweizer / Daunik Lazro – Paris Quartet
Chico Freeman Quartet – No Time Left
Music Revelation Ensemble – No Wave
Dewey Redman – Tarik
Rova – This, this, this, this.
Cecil Taylor Unit – Dark To Themselves
Jack DeJohnette's Special Edition – Inflation Blues
Leo Cuypers – Heavy Days are here again
Paul Bley – Ballads
Ravi Shankar – The Sounds Of India
James 'Blood' Ulmer – Are You Glad To Be In America?
New York Art Quartet & Imamu Amiri Baraka – S/T
Lars Lystedt Quintet – Blues After Dark (Live In Umeå 1964)
Elton Dean Quintet – Boundaries
Brown, Marion – Why Not
Ethnic Heritage Ensemble – Three Gentlemen From Chikago
George Russell Sextet – Ezz-thetics
Khan Jamal Quartet – Dark Warrior
The Recedents – Barbecue Strut
Es Herrscht Uhu Im Land – S/T
The Art Ensemble Of Chicago – Full Force
Keith Jarrett – Solo Concerts: Bremen / Lausanne
Dudu Pukwana – Sounds Zila
Don Cherry – Symphony For Improvisers
Bobby Bradford With John Stevens And The Spontaneous Music Ensemble – S/T
Paul Bley – Open, To Love
Gunter Hampel Group – People Symphony
Kenny Wheeler, Mike Brecker, John Taylor, David Holland, Jack Dejohnette – Double, Double You
Barry Guy / Anthony Braxton with London Jazz Composers Orchestra – Zurich Concerts
Schönenberg - Jüllich Percussion Duo – First Of April
The Gary Burton Quintet with Eberhard Weber – Ring
Vyacheslav Ganelin / Vladimir Tarasov / Vladimir Chekasin – Live In East Germany
Andrew Cyrille feat. Ted Daniels, Nick De Geronimo, David S. Ware – Special People
Anthony Braxton – Five Pieces 1975
Archie Shepp – Fire Music
Gunter Hampel And His Galaxie Dream Band ? – I love being with you
Archie Shepp – Coral Rock
Ron Carter With Eric Dolphy, Mal Waldron – Where?
Maarten Altena Octet – Tel
Sam Rivers – The Quest
The Carla Bley Band – I Hate To Sing
Janusz Muniak Quartet – Placebo
Eric Dolphy – Other aspects
Pharoah Sanders – live...
Pharaoh Sanders – Black Unity
Miles Davis – Decoy
Gary Bartz Ntu Troop – Home!
Various – 1. New Jazz Festival Hamburg '75
The Mahavishnu Orchestra With John McLaughlin – The Inner Mounting Flame
Michael Mantler – No Answer
Various – An Anthology of African Music 8: The Music Of The Senufo
Various – An Anthology of African Music 2: Music From Rwanda
Maarten Altena Quartet – Veranda
Anthony Braxton – This Time...
Various – Music And Drum Rhythm Of Iran
The Kamahameha Schools Choirs – Folk Songs Of Hawaii
Various – In Israel Today Volume 3: Songs of the Jews from Yemen, the Atlas Moutains, Tunisia and Spain
Alfonso Cruz Jimenez – Folk Songs Of Mexico
Sabah – Sabah's Cocktail
Papa Oyeah Mackenzie & Peter Giger – Africa Meets Europe
Grachan Moncur III & The Jazz Composer's Orchestra – Echoes Of Prayer
Alan Skidmore, Tony Oxley, Ali Haurand – S.O.H.
Don Cherry, Dewey Redman, Charlie Haden, Ed Blackwell – Old And New Dreams
Marcello Melis – Free To Dance
Paul Bley With Gary Peacock – Same
Marion Brown – Afternoon Of A Georgia Faun
Sam Rivers & Mario Schiano – Rendez - Vous
Eberhard Weber – The Colours Of Chloë
The Gunter Hampel / Jeanne Lee Duo – Freedom Of The Universe
Weather Report – Same
Lester Bowie – The Great Pretender
The Art Ensemble Of Chicago – Fanfare For The Warriors
Joe Haider – Reconciliation
Gunter Hampel + Galaxie Dream Band – Life On This Planet 1981
McCoy Tyner – Trident
Chick Corea – Sundance
Various – Wildflowers 1: The New York Loft Jazz Sessions
Ahmad Jamal – Outertimeinnerspace
Soft Machine – Fourth
Elton Dean / Joe Gallivan / Kenny Wheeler – The Cheque Is In The Mail
Afif Bulos – Sings Songs Of Lebanon, Syria & Jordan
Various – African Music
No Artist – Documentary Sounds Volume 1 (Recorded by Mel Kaiser)
Various – Music Of South Arabia
Various – Traditional Folk Songs of Japan
Various – Folk And Classical Music of Korea
Geula Gill – Holiday Songs of Israel
Various – Folk Music Of Hungary (Recorded by Bela Bartok)
Various – History Of The Soviet Union In Ballad & Song - Volume One: Songs Of The Revolution And Civil War
The Fisk Jubilee Singers – The Gold And Blue Album
Various – Songs And Dances Of Puerto Rico
The Choir of the Bella Vista Children's Home – Villancicos: Spanish Christmas Songs for Children
Various – Folk Songs And Music From Malta
Various – Contemporary and Traditional Russian Songs
Various – Folk Music Of Yugoslavia
Various – Folk Music Of India
Various – Music Of India: Traditional & Classical
Balakrishna Of Travancore – Ragas: Songs Of India
Eric Dolphy – Far Cry!